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"Feel free to invite your moi chroi aboard as well. As far as I'm concerned if he's a friend of yours then he's welcome aboard the Ackbar as well. We can always make room aboard the Ackbar for one more."

Jun-la gave a slight blush before saying, "Again that is generous but my moi chroi is too young and I would want her to be safe with her father." It was more than she would ever admit to regarding her family. Given the relationship between the Jedi and the Republic, there were reasons for her not to mention it. She hoped that with those words the admiral would understand.

"Yes...I've heard quite a few things about those two since they came onboard. Some of the crew are calling them heroes for their actions during the space battle earlier."

Jun-la then smirked, "And I suppose that had nothing to do with the reason you have them both serving on the same ship?"


"Your talking about the new combat instructor aren't you? He and Jedi Alriana came aboard around the same time. I didn't know he was a Shinigami though."

Andros was surprised but then again from what he knew of the man, Tavaryn was not one to be in the center of attention. He replied, "I'm not surprised. He would not be one to mention it. Though I find it hard to believe you still consider him new after two years." He grinned as he packed the rest of his gear up. He was going to go to the medbay to fix the bacta tanks.


Doc happened to be by the med bay in search of his wayward patient. He saw the admiraldoubled over and said, "Sir, what's wrong?" He gripped the admiral to help him to the examination bed.


I promise that I will always stay by your side.

As much as Tavaryn was happy to hear her send that, he still was not proud of what he had done and felt unworthy. Out loud he asked, "Are you sure you want that? After all I have done things that would more likely be the cause of me being chased and hounded. Hatred has a long memory. Plus there is the blood feud on my family."

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