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Always remember, this is a safe place. We watch out for each other.

"Which is why I will keep that in mind," Jun-la replied. She gave a smile before saying, "Now, shall we wait for your commander of your special ops force or do you want to go over plans now?"


"Well he was the last combat instructor to come onboard so a few of the crew still consider him new. I wouldn't call him new to his face but he has proven himself quite a few times while sparring with some of the crew."

"Yeap those Avalonian techniques are deadly alright," Andros replied as he tucked the last of his equipment away. "Well I'm off to the med lab to do some repairs."


"Tavaryn...since I have arrived in this future you have done nothing but help me and been kind to me. I meant what I said. I plan on staying with you for as long as I live. I don't care about those that feel you have wronged them, if the time comes that we need to face them then I will gladly fight with you."

Tavaryn pulled Alriana close and whispered, "You should care since they have caused my mother and those that matter to me much pain." He breathed in her scent deeply. "What did I do that the Force would bring me someone so rare and wonderful as you?"


Doc wasted no time as he set to work operating the scanners to detect if there was poison. The physical injuries he could fix. Poisons were priority. He ordered the computer to do a full tox screen. They would need a specific antidote or a Force healing. He sent a page to the LT's comm.

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