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En Route to Coruscant

"So, how long was it before yours stopped feeling so tender?"

Tonatius examined the mark that was as clear as day on the underside of his wrist. He replied, "Well to be honest, I never put much though into the pain or the feeling afterwards. Warrior thing. We are taught to ignore it as long as we are able to function. What I did and do feel is my heart swell everytime I look at it because it is for you."

"I repeat get a room."

Tonatius growled at his twin, "Go stick your head in the refresher."

Taryn snickered before getting up from his seat to stretch. "Nice come back Brother," and took off to another part of the transport.

Tonatius growled, "Sorry moi chroi. He has no more tact than a Hutt."


"I think it would be a good idea if we waited for the Commander to show up. I'm not sure he would appreciate it if we planned a mission without him."

"Ah one of those who prefers to knwo everything down to the last detail," Jun-la replied with a sideways smile.


If you want me to, I can assign one of our repair crews to work with you. I'm sure Admiral Belina wouldn't mind if you had some help.

Andros thought a moment and then replied, "If you can contact the Mandalorian crew that was left here, I'd appreciate it. Got a few new tricks to teach them and vice versa."


All I can guess is that you helped me adjust when I was unfrozen.

Tavaryn grinned as he breathed in her scent. "What can I say. You were rather cute and I have a weakness for cute."

His comm then beeped and he sighed. Releasing Alriana he pulled out his comm and said, "What now Doc? You want to try tie me to bed?"

"Sir, it's Admiral Garja."

Tavaryn's face became deadly serious and he said, "Moi chroi, I have to take care of this." He then took strong strides out of the security room and made his way to the med bay. He asked Doc, "What happened?"

Doc looked at his worst patient and said, "He passed out. Suspect poison and running a tox screen.Hopefullt we'll find a specific antidote or we may need a force healing."

Tavaryn looked at Garja and then noticed something on the floor. He picked it up and recognized it as the admiral's comm and that there was a signal coming through. He activated it and said, "This is Lt. Onashi, come in."

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