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I've just realized that I haven't posted this here yet... my first official job for Telltale Games:

And a few close-ups (though these are still only at half size... the full-size poster is somewhat close to one sheet size):

I finally got to work a bit more on the "half pencil / half digital"-workflow I've used on my Narwhal-poster, although this was so much more work compared to Narwhal. It's a daunting task to mimic Struzan, but I've tried to at least keep the spirit of the original poster.

The workflow was similar to Narwhal though: Telltale hooked my up with the 3D models of Marty and the DeLorean, which I posed, remodeled, lit and rendered in 3dsmax. Those renderings became the basis for the pencil drawings, while everything else (background, flames, grain, more paint-overs) was done in Photoshop. I've created several custom brushes to recreate Struzan's spattery style from back then (it became a bit "cleaner" in the 90s and 00s), and was really glad to have my trusted Intuos4 tablet at my side during this (actually I've worked my normal job during the day, and workend on this during the night... it was brutal, but totally worth it!)

With a little luck, prints of this might be available at the Telltale store some day!

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