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"Ah one of those who prefers to knwo everything down to the last detail,"

"It's something like that. Ever since their first mission I've found that the more they know the better they are at completeing their missions. I trust each of them when they are called to action and I know they expect me to share all the details.

"This is Lt. Onashi, come in."

Belina looked dwon at the comnlink in confusion. She could have sworn that she had set it to Garja's comnlink. "I'm sorry...I thought that I had locked onto Garja's frequency. Is he there by any chance?"

"If you can contact the Mandalorian crew that was left here, I'd appreciate it. Got a few new tricks to teach them and vice versa."

Koral opened up a comnlink to the deck the mandalorian repair team was and sighed as a burst of static came up. he adjusted a few controls and the static vanished. "Attention, will the mandalorian repair team please report to the Medbay at your earliest opportunity."


"Moi chroi, I have to take care of this."

Alriana followed Tavaryn as they headed for the medbay. She stopped and stared at the Admiral's body laying on the examination bed. She was about to ask what happened but Tavaryn beat her to it.

"He passed out. Suspect poison and running a tox screen.Hopefullt we'll find a specific antidote or we may need a force healing."

"I might be able to help with that." Alriana said quietly. "I do have some experience with poisons."
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