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I might be able to help with that.

Tavaryn looked at the situation. It would take a lot out of him but heck it was better than nothign and he had done it once before. He said, "I'll do it." He looked at Alriana and explained, "I encountered a situation like this before and I was able to cure the victim."

Tavaryn glanced at Doc before looking at Alriana. "I know you don't know much about Avalonians but one of the techniques that is unique if one is fortunated, or cursed, to be born with is element bending. Five elements: fire, water, earth and air; each with their own properties. The fifth is rare and one I happen to be able to do. It is spirit bending."

Tavaryn fiddled with Garja's comm before replying, "Admiral Belina, Admiral Garja is unable to respond. Will report in when docked."

He looked at Alriana again and said, "I don't know how to explain it better but then again there is not much on the spirit benders and the range of specific abililities is rather wide."


"It's something like that. Ever since their first mission I've found that the more they know the better they are at completeing their missions. I trust each of them when they are called to action and I know they expect me to share all the details.

"Nothing wrong with that," Jun-la agreed. "I think we should inspect the bridge> I think my pupil has everything under control at the moment and has moved on to a different system." She smiled in amusement at her pupil's passion.

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