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"Nothing wrong with that," Jun-la agreed. "I think we should inspect the bridge> I think my pupil has everything under control at the moment and has moved on to a different system."

Belina couldn't help but be suprised. Andros hadn't been up on the bridge for long and Jun-la thought at he was already done. Well...from what I heard about Andros he probably does have everything done up on the bridge. I'll ask Koral when we get up there.

"Admiral Belina, Admiral Garja is unable to respond. Will report in when docked."

Belina looked down at the comminicator and than looked at Jun-la. "I think we should head down to the hanger before heading for the bridge. I'm going to admit that I'm a bit worried about Garja not being able to respond."


"I encountered a situation like this before and I was able to cure the victim."

Alriana moved away from the Admiral to give Tavaryn enough space to work with the Admiral. "I think that I should alert the Ackbar that we might have a medical emergency just in case. Does anyone have any objections?"
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