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"Wise decision. No objections here."

Alriana opened up a channel to the Ackbar and made sure that a medical team would be ready and waiting for them in the hanger bay.

Are you comfortable with me doing this moi chroi?

Yes. She said back through their link. It's just that...well...Both you and Garja saved me back when I was held prisoner aboard that Imperial ship shortly after I was unfrozen. He saved my life...and I feel that I owe him one. I'm not worried about your skills I just want to take every possible precaution.


"Perhaps he has been injured and the medic on the Wayfarer is not permitting him to answer. Still I agree that we should venture to the docking bay."

Belina was about to respond when an urgent voice came in over the bridge comnlink: Admiral Belina, this is Medical officer Unvenrea, we just found out that Admiral Garja is in bad condition and is being transported to the Ackbar as quickly as possible. We have a medical team on the way to the hanger.

Belina looked over at Jun-la and then ran towards the hanger deck as quickly as she could.
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