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It's just that...well...Both you and Garja saved me back when I was held prisoner aboard that Imperial ship shortly after I was unfrozen. He saved my life...and I feel that I owe him one. I'm not worried about your skills I just want to take every possible precaution.

Tavaryn was aware that his hands were beginning to move in the motions that were familiar to him. It was second nature when he made the effort to get it started as he stared at Alriana. I... I understand. Just don't hit me if something happens.

Tavaryn then diverted his attention to the work at hand. His shoulder was stiff but calling upon his spirit, he felt the stiffness ebb away as he began to call upon it, asking it to come to him. He did not have to look to see that his hands would be glowing with the gold white that was distinguishable to spirit benders. Instead he was focusing on the Admiral lying on the bed. Focusing he sent his energy through looking for things that did not belong.

It was different from healing her broken wrist since he had to do an entire body sweep. Poisons had to be purged and that took much more. He could feel the sweat forming on his brow as he continued his sweep, pausing only to knit the broken ribs The energy latched onto the poison and wrapped around it, swallowing it. In his mind's eye he could see it glow brighter until the heat burned the poison away.

The glow left his hands and he opened the eyes he didn't realize were shut. "It is done."

It had taken a lot more out of him than he thought and it was by some miracle that he managed to sit on the nearby seat without collapsing. He wiped the sweat of, smearing what was left of the pain and dirt over his face and sat there breathing heavily.

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