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I... I understand. Just don't hit me if something happens.

Don't worry, she sent back. There are only two ways I can see myself hitting you, if I find you with another woman or if you decide to travel the galaxy without me. She couldn't help but add a hint of mischief to her tone as she sent the message to him.

"It is done."

Alriana couldn't help but sigh in relief. She really did feel that she had to repay Garja for saving her while she had been held captive on the Imperial flagship. Not to mention that he was an important man, he had brought valuable information to the republic side after defecting."

She looked over at Tavaryn and couldn't help but smile as he sat down. She ran over and stood next to him. "Thank you Tavaryn..." She said as she looked over at the Admiral who was still out cold. "Once again you've managed to impress me and you managed to save one of the republic's top military officers."

She leaned down and kissed him on the forhead. "I'm glad the force brought us together." She said quietly and then she smiled. "You know that I'm normally on your side but I think you might need to report to the medical bay on the Ackbar once you get back. You've been though quite a bit recently."
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