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I honestly don't know how we're going to be able to sway the Senate this time. We don't know exactly what this imposter has been telling them, and we don't have anything to directly prove that it was the Sith, and not the New Empire."

Tonatius said nothing about his brother. True and they stuck up for each other. He replied, "Silver tongues would be the best option as well as evidence."

When they got off the ship and were met by Pestilus he was ready to draw his sword right then and there. What alarmed him the most was standing in the background a familiar face though it was different. He spat, "Sangtahut! What is that blood traitor doing here?"

Lord Kage was surprised that the young one remembered him. He glanced at his master and then gave a sardonic grin at the boy. He then said, "Now, now, is that any way to treat an old friend?"


There are only two ways I can see myself hitting you, if I find you with another woman or if you decide to travel the galaxy without me.

There is only one woman in my life, Tavaryn sent, And that is you.

"Once again you've managed to impress me and you managed to save one of the republic's top military officers."

Tavaryn gave a small chuckle, "Instead of flowers I impress you with powers and now I am reciting bad poetry. The galaxy will be coming to an end soon."

"You know that I'm normally on your side but I think you might need to report to the medical bay on the Ackbar once you get back. You've been though quite a bit recently."

Tavaryn leaned into her touch as she kissed his forehead. He then said, "Oh yes the running around and the constant brushes with death. I am sure to miss it once it's over." He did have to admit that she may be right. Spirit took a lot out of a person especially if they hadn't been practicing or had been injured, depending on what it was used for. "Just don't let them stick me in the tank. I'll promise to follow Doc's orders just as long as you keep the tank away."

Doc had watched the whole scene and had to admit that even he was impressed. A complete check up revealed that the admiral was clear of any toxins and the broken bones had been jump started on the process of knitting themselves together. He then said, "Sir, I don't think a tank will be necessary but a full check up will."

Tariq managed to get to the docking station in record time. "Wayfarer to Ackbar, this is Sgt Tariq requesting permission to dock, over."


Jun-la tried to comfort the Admiral. She said, "If he's on the Wayfarer with Lt. Onashi, then he will be fine. I know the Lt. and his 'special' ability. He won't let anything happen to him though he would do something to kindle your wrath like refuse medical treatment."

Jun-la then smiled that she knew who Lt. Onashi was. She knew that her uncle used that name rather than the family names out of preference for anonomity and old habits from the purge days. She then said, "Don't worry Admiral. It will be all right."


Andros was in seveth heaven as he went to work with the Mandalorian repair crew to fix the med lab. He got the feeling that they would need it and he worked a relentless pace, fixing old connections with new ones and making adjustments to make the equipment better. The CMO was appreciative of the efforts especially when Andros managed to fix the bacta tank that worked with a kink in it. Andros commed Koral, "Med Bay 80% repaired Koral. How is the rest of the ship?"

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