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TOR ate my KotOR
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Well I played last night for about 6 hours reaching level 9.

Thanks to Achilles I ended up getting Dungeon Siege III on the 360 instead of the PC. Originally the demo seemed dull and boring on the PC, but first off the level system was tweaked in the demo to show more powers/skills. So the battles in game were not an easy button-masher as the demo made it appear. You have to be a strategic button-masher to survive. The final boss battle in the demo was a real pain in the actual game.

I’m going to take some exception to Achilles writing that the dialog is well written. It has been interesting so far, but when Katarina (one of the playable characters) was given a quest to rescue someone and the last thing the quest giver says to her was something like “once you kill the bad person don’t forget to set the good guy free” that is just lazy writing. Isn’t the point of a rescue quest to rescue the person? I mean why tell Katarina that? If the quest giver happens to think the playable character is that stupid why give her the quest at all.

Overall I do not believe the writing is bad. The voice acting on the other hand is terrible. Agree with Achilles on this one. I think it is on purpose. My only problem with that is why make the playable character’s voice just as monotone. Also I didn’t know Katarina was Orlesian.

Besides the boss fight in the cave, before getting a companion, the save points have not really been a issue. The save points are plentiful and not really needed when your companion has the power and the AI to heal the playable character.

So far, I’m very happy with my purchase. Spent 6 hours on it last night and even woke up an hour early this morning to spend an hour on it. Beside the dialog system, the game really reminds me of Fable 2, especially the combat system. I also get a little Jade Empire feel to the story as I don’t believe everyone is telling my Katarina the entire story.
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