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Originally Posted by mimartin View Post
Isnít the point of a rescue quest to rescue the person? I mean why tell Katarina that?

Made it to level 22 last night.

Achieved mastery with one of my abilities, which is cool, except that using empowered abilities drains power rather than focus. And not just one orb like healing, but all of it.

Kudos to Obsidian for not making the abilities god-like, but I did get a little frustrated when I realized that one flavor of pain-in-the-ass bad guy seems to be immune to one of the abilities that I've come to rely on (pro-tip: if they have a shield, they can block).

Also, "tricks" that can be used for some boss fights are intentionally discouraged in others. Dodge is essential for survival, but I don't think it's a spoiler to say that it's nigh impossible to dodge effectively in a mine shaft.

Speaking of that particular fight, I'm still trying to decide how I feel about the "oh, you have a sword and shield? No ranged attacks? That's too bad. The next 30-45 minutes is really going to suck for you" fight that they threw at me. On one hand I had a kind of grudging admiration that I was being forced to change my tactics. On the other hand, twice I had that particular bad guy on the verge of being dead only to blink and have both party members (my companion and I) wiped out, largely because my melee guy was useless, which sucked.

At this rate, I should be finished tonight (the level cap appears to 30 and I can't imagine that they would let the game go on for too long after that cap has been reached). This would put game play at less than 30 hours and I've been doing all (but one ) of the side quests.
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