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Originally Posted by KinchyB View Post
Why no mention of my run around in circles "tactic"?!
I'll try that when I get to the boss fight for the penguin level.

Originally Posted by KinchyB View Post
I'm going to laugh when you hit level 30 and you're only half way through the game... although I'm doing all the side quests too so we'll see how it goes. Which side quest did you not do?
I was supposed to destroy an enemy camp on the side of a mountain and thought I was on my way to do so, but inadvertently progressed another quest to the point that I became cut off from that one. Instant failed side quest

By the time I realized what had happened, I'd already leveled up 3 times so I wasn't about to go back.

Originally Posted by KinchyB View Post
EDIT... P.S. - Shouldn't you be working? You don't have a smartphone... if you had a smartphone you could be in the forums 24/7
Aren't you suppose to be at corporate training? And I'll get a smartphone right after I get facebook.
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