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There is only one woman in my life, And that is you.

Alriana couldn't help but blush at that thought. And you are the one and only man in my life. She sent back.

"Sir, I don't think a tank will be necessary but a full check up will."

Alriana turned to Tavaryn and couldn't help but smile. She knew how Tavaryn felt about bacta tanks and she was happy that he wouldn't have to be placed in one.

"Well...I'm glad that your not going to be placed in a bacta tank but I'm going to guess that your going to need lots of bed rest." She said. She was a bit concerned about all the possible injuries that Tavaryn could have suffered during his time on the surface and she wanted to make sure he would get better as quickly as possible.

Admiral Garja slowly shook his head and opened his eyes slowly and than closed them again as he realized that he had a terrible headache. But he wasn't dead and he was thankful for that. He tried to speak but found that his throat was a bit dry.

Lets try that again...He thought as he looked over at Alriana and Tavaryn. "So...I think it's obvious that I owe one of you my life." he said even though his throat was still dry.


"Wayfarer to Ackbar, this is Sgt Tariq requesting permission to dock, over."

Koral hit a few controls. "Wayfarer, this is Bridge officer Koral aboard the Ackbar, you are cleared to land in the main hanger bay, we have a medical team waiting for Admiral Garja and any other injured solders you may have."

"Don't worry Admiral. It will be all right."

Belina watched as the wayfarer approached the Ackbar and sighed. "I hope your right. When Admiral Garja first defected to the republic I thought that the only use for him would be all the information he had. But...he somehow managed to become one of my best friends and one of the few people I could talk to about the daily stresses of being the leader of the Republic fleet.

"Med Bay 80% repaired Koral. How is the rest of the ship?"

Koral looked at the reports coming in. "I would recommend that you work on the weapons control area first and than the shields, both took quite a bit of damage during the battle." He sent.
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