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Hi guys, i am pretty desperate. I bought original copy of kotor ii, after i played it several times on my old computer. But my new notebook with Win 7 64bit Home doesn't work.

I already do everything i think, but you are smart enough to see any mistakes.
1) update directx, set kompatibility and install the game
2) patch it, remove read only, crack it with your exe file, copy mss.dll
3) i tried also rewrite the .ini file ...there could be problem or in "Flipping policy change to Blit, because i don't have any of these terms in my driver software)
I have this one: I tried several combinations here too.
and my hardware:
Because, every .ini changes are here to nVidia or ati but i have firetruckin' Intel. Do you know any possible solutions? I also tried widescreen patch and update graphics driver.

I'm just thinking that i install second OS (win xp) to my notebook and play kotor there, if it works, but i don't wanna find xp 64 bit etc. I'd like play kotor on win7, thx.

EDIT: I was looking at the computer at work, and it also have Intel graphics but older software, and there is fipping policy, so i am sure now that's not in the new one.
Progress: I found the software i maybe need, but after download and extract files it's writing sth like "you don't have minimum requirements for software installation" really funny

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