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Originally Posted by Zerimar Nyliram View Post
Jesus God, if I hear another moronic fanboy rumor like this, I think I'm going to blow my head off.
Given how deserted this board is, I welcome speculative discussion about the game's plot. Also, I would call it a theory before I would call it a "fanboy rumor." I certainly haven't heard anyone else say it yet.

That being said, I don't think a clone of Vader would say "As long as she lives, I will always control you" or whatever he said after he was captured. How or why would Vader cause his clone to memorize something like that?

Also remember that Vader's arm was cut off and revealed to be bionic. Making a clone is one thing but making a clone and then replacing its limbs with cyborg parts is another.

I think that given the above quote, Juno is more likely to be a fake. She couldn't possibly have survived that fall. Maybe there was some body switching going on or a disguised robot. PROXY sure got to Juno's side fast. If you really think about it, making endless clones of Juno would be a perfect way to control Starkiller and/or the Dark Apprentice. By creating an endless stock of Junos to go through (using DNA collected from the days when she worked for Vader), Vader could ensure that "I will always control you." Just something to think about.

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