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It is ABSOLUTLEY NECCESARY for a RC2. Here are a few reasons.
1. The storyline. LUCASARTS ended RC1 with Sev MIA, and Kashykk in the middle of an invasion.
2. The popularity. PEOPLE LOVED #1! you will make money if you make second!
3. I made an account just to post this so if you don't I WILL BE UPSETS

Here are also a few suggestions.
1. If it does start after order 66 or during 66 or INCLUDES 66 in the middle of it, you should do a thing like you did in Battlefront, Elite Squadron (At least for the DS. I don't know the stories for the other systems) Where Delta refuses to obey the order and go AWOL.
2. Sev should DEFINETLEY RETURN. I'm thinking he should have been captured bye 'bugs' and brought back to Geonosis and possessed like in the Clone Wars series. You can work out whether Delta is forced to kill him or whatever.
3. A burst fire/auto/semi mod for the DC
4. MULTIPLAYER of course.
6. When 'covert' is in the mission description...seriously.
7. Put in a few missions without a 'shoot-em-up-blow-em-up' objective.
7a. spy/recon missions. Things were you get in big trouble if you make too much noise (Ex. in the first one, no one would EVER splice a door when they can breach it instead.)
8. Character development.
9. difficulty adjustment. Make the Geno elites and the SBDs a bit less...explosive. but put more of them in the game.
9a. Make it take longer to revive people/ make an option to double shock a person to bring them to full health, but it takes longer.
10. More maneuvers. those things are just plain cool.
11. LONGER. The first only took me about 10 hrs. in gaming time, that is SHORT.
12. secondary objectives, with rewards, such as a few clones to help out or something, or 'super power rounds' that give a clip of the normal DC extra power.
13. Interactive environments and enemies.
13a. make it so more of the stuff blows up XD
13b. make more of the droids, at least, fall apart. Like with the super battle droids, some armor falls off. but you should be able to take arms and maybe legs too. I'm thinking you should also be able to hit 'bugs' wings.
14. JET-PACKS. Even with low fuel, that has to recharge like in battlefront, that would improve game-play a lot, and show the geonosians who's boss
15. Melee weapons. things that do more damage (incredible) and have a longer reach than the little Wolverine attachment, or the pistol/shotgun stock smash, or the weird little jab with the chaingun.
16. BONUS. lol, try this if you can without screwing up. TROOPER VS. LIGHTSABER FIGHTS. not many of your games (no offense) have a good evened out thing with this. In battlefront II, the guy dies over time, but earns more time by killing. they can just camp at the CP. OBVIOUSLY the bosses should be harder than normal people, and maybe even be better than you health-and-firepower wise, but still, there needs to be more than a 1/1000 chance of actually BEATING HIM.

I hope you found this useful Lucasarts, and maybe even George himself if he reads these.
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