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"Lord Sarden has explained the situation on Avalon to us, and per his recommendation, we opened up negotiations with the Undying Sith Empire." Lendralis explained.

"Are you insane?" Kalla exclaimed. "He's the one responsible for the Cygnus incident!"

"The blame for that atrocity falls solely on the New Empire. Five years ago, your father made similar claims following the attack on Tython. The resulting controversy tore the Republic apart and started this conflict in the first place." Lendralis retorted.

"A conflict that has gone on long enough, I believe." Pestilus commented. "The Undying Sith Empire has remained neutral far too long, and the New Empire's unprovoked assault on Avalon is unacceptable. Only through the Third Galactic Republic and the Undying Sith Empire working together can we put a stop to them once and for all."

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