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Lightbulb LOL more epic ideas

I hope you know you don't have to do all of these, or even any, except make the game
1. Skirmish possibilities
1a. defense missions. Take a few maps from the game and put something there like a damaged vehicle, then set a timer for like, a minute for people to set up traps and junk, then set it for ten or something and send in the droids!
1b. Battlefront imitation (hey, you made one and two, so you won't be sued) you know, a thing with a bunch of enemies and CPs
2. FIGHT....Things. (this one i really thought about) I was thinking maybe some kind of recharging 'adrenaline' bar, and when it is full, you can activate. go into slow motion, press a bunch of keys in a certain order in a certain time and take out up to like, six droids (INCLUDING SBDs and drodeikas) and/or a kind of boss thing, (Like with the magna guards in RC1, you just tried to avoid them and shoot them till the died) It could just be like, one person, or it could even be better if you had the whole squad.
3. Grenades. In the first one it is SUPER frustrating when you have a thermal, or emp, but want whatever those little green things are, and you can SEE the little pile of them, but you can't pick them up. I think you should make it like the loot weapons, make them interchangeable.
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