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Originally Posted by Sabretooth View Post
China's vast economic growth, rise in living standards and a thunderous GDP show that the PRC doesn't care about its people? What about the wide-ranging improvements in infrastructure and medical care? If you still don't think the PRC has 'never truly demonstrated' that it 'doesn't care about its citizens', I don't know what you need to be convinced - public debates about Hu Jintao's birth certificate?
Nothing you said indicates China cares about its people so much as its own position in the world. Modernizing your country b/c you wish to be the next hyperpower doesn't = caring about your people so much as caring about your place in the hierarchy of world power. If you think that they really care about anything else......well, you'll believe anything.

Get real, amigo. Mao is dead.
That makes about as much sense as your throwaway contention about about "harsher than the west"....and is about as meaningless.

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