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Originally Posted by decalibron View Post
i can't say i know a lot about these things, but i suppose i'll have to read up on it.
It's entertaining but the technical stuff can be a hurdle for casual readers, or even learning hobbyists.

really??? wow, i will certainly have to read that! my popular mechanics sub expired last year, i don't remember that article, or maybe i didn't get it. the angled stealth fighter/bomber i was talking about was the Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit. Stealthed to the radar, but certainly not to the human eyes. could you tell me anything about this stealth you're talking about? i would very much like to read about it.
I do believe it was in an issue of either popular science or popular mechanics within the last 5-10 years. Wasn't completely invisible to the eyes iirc, but electro-optically it supposedly had an AI to mimic transparency, albeit with some shadowing and lensing.

Here's something similar to which I referred.

again, i've never used a plasma cutter,
You're missing out, pal. It's fun. 'Nuff said.

Find a metalworker with one. Maybe do bring a piece of scrap metal you want to cut. And it never hurts to offer them a little something in returned for their troubles--if they're not the charitable types. Your best bet, free or not, is to claim it's for an "educational experience" to satisfy a certain "curiosity". I'm next to positive there is someone out there willing to let you have a hand at it.

but i see where you could run into trouble not having a conductable surface to cause an arc; it'd be over before it began, unless i'm missing the concept, which is entirely possible.
No, I think you get it. Has to be conductive if you are clipping the grounding clamp to it. Think of the unit as a power supply. It's basically just a big circuit to complete. You have the arc torch as an output and the ground clamp as the return. Though the high frequency goes through air to ground by itself, the metal "work piece" that is at ground is merely another part of the circuit for physical contact.

Obviously the metal poece to be worked is not essential to make the circuit work, but the purpose of it is to be "worked" by the arc torch. Similar to how a battery lights a bulb, or a ballast lights a fluorescent tube.

again, you have outsmarted me.
Nah. No I didn't--wasn't my intent. I bet you could probably outsmart me in a field of your expertise.

Plasma does indeed take on many forms, but i'll stick to my guns in the fact that most of the higher forms of ionization could pose major problems in trying to create handheld weapons that are sufficiently safe to wield.
At the very least probably very big and heavy. And then there's requirements of feeding and power...and obtaining supplies, and prices. Very nasty can o worms.

By accelerators, do you mean particle accelerators?<snip>

In terms of particle beams, you would again run into problems keeping them blade length, rather than going until they ran out of energy.
Came to the same conclusion.

i completely agree. i was listing some things that wouldn't be shorted out or overheat (probably because they're so hot), but then you get into the realm where they can't be controlled into a blade.
Only the realm of real life (only as *we* know it) where it hasn't been realized. Yet.
i do believe i remember this power. i suppose when you think about it comparison with the rest of the SW universe, it really isn't unbelievable at all.

really? i know that cortosis makes lightsaber-resistant objects, but to have a blade of cortosis blade overload a lightsaber? how come this doesn't happen everytime someone fights a lightsaber with a cortosis blade? i mean, i don't remember when this happened, so i'll take your word for it, but that just seems wierd, as well as a little convenient.

I rest my case.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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