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Originally Posted by Commander Dimal View Post
You seem to ignore what I said. BTW, I saw E3 on TV and that unannounced Star Wars game is just a stupid Jedi game for Kinect.
just because you don't think anything is going to happen with RC2, doesn't mean the rest of us can't hope like hell, and maybe something will happen. It's not that the world is ignoring you, it just doesn't like what you have said.

i'm keeping up the hope that RC2 will happen. For the love of god, if Unleashed 3 is going to happen, than RC2 has a fighting chance.

I don't think LucasArts and Epic would have gotten Unreal 3 if they weren't planning on doing something with does beg the question, "what will they do with it now that they have it?"

Getting ahold of the guy that did the original RC seems like a step in the right direction, but his resume as far as Star Wars games go is pretty extensive, so it could be another battlefront, or another x-wing game.

I say go the Tom Clancy route, and make a stealth game with the ARCs (a la Splinter Cell) and have it tie into a special forces game like the Republic/Imperial Commando (a la Rainbow 6/Ghost Recon) and tie all of that in with a combat flight simulator with TIE fighter, intercepters and the like (a la HAWX)

One big Star Wars family

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