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Originally Posted by darth trea View Post
since there are no cheat codes on the xbox, I recomend modding your xbox then the game to have a warp band of some kind it might work if the band is compatable with the xbox

here is a link to a thread that tells you how to do it
Although what would be much easier than paying s***load of money for a mod chip, just buy kotor ii for pc.

Now if youre not going to do this^which is entirely optional^then no yu cannot warp in the xbox version of kotor ii since you cannot put in cheats period.however as said before, you can use a mod chip or modded xbox to download mods to warp. I dont believe you can use the cheat console on a modded xbox though, and since the warp and cheat band by Lit Ridl lets you go everywhere except the M4-78 modules, i dont know how youre going to get there except by...

Downloading the M4-78 mod with your modded xbox(assuming you decided to buy a mod chip).

Ugh that was a long post.

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