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Originally Posted by GalenMarek View Post
If Vader would have cloned Juno, than the clones should had kill them instead training droids to prove they are ready to serve
Originally Posted by TKA-001 View Post
Don't even bother mentioning being smashed through a glass/transparisteel wall. Irregardless, though, she didn't survive; she died and came back to life through the power of love. It's ridiculous, I know - I can stomach even Vader being captured by the rebellion, but that moment is the one thing about the ending that truly pissed me off - but we can see very clearly from the situation that Vader had no time to switch the real Juno's corpse with a comatose clone of Juno that possessed all of the original's memories right up to the last twenty minutes of said original's life.
Yeah, you're probably right. But what if the body he threw out the window was a training droid of Juno (presumably durable enough to survive such a beating if that is even possible) and the body that Starkiller kisses is the real one? That would address both of the above comments.

It is also worth mentioning that since Vader believes that keeping her alive is the best way to control Starkiller, he probably wouldn't just chuck the real Juno out the window with such little care - she's too valuable to him.

But now I'm getting even further away from the OP, so feel free to stop me.
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