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I am not going to try to change your mind about that specific mod but I have a mod by RedHawke that does the same thing. I can vouch for it personally in that it works quite well. certain mods have a penchant for being game-breakers but a lot of them are useful. if you are interested I'll ask RedHawke if he (she?) minds if I package the mod and toss it your way. ...or you can ask him (her?)
it's called "RedHawke's correction armband" or something fancy like that.

I have had the same experience of mods breaking my game, which is why I OCDly back up my Override folder in 3 different places.

on topic, yeah Mandalore is finicky and it's impossible to get the influence needed. HK is the same way for some dialog I think. Heck, *all* the characters might be that way for some of their dialog...(thanks, LucasArts...shoulda let BioWare tackle KOTOR2 on their own dev cycle instead of forcing them to find a new company (Obsidian) and then rushing them.)


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