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The Force Acts in Strange Ways

TSL prior to Peragus: T3 has things he has to do, and dealing with a snippy Medical Panel is just the first.

The piece, specifically the interaction between the droid and the diagnostic / treatment unit is fun. Having the equivalent of a hissy fir between the two is so much fun.

Sacrificial Lamb

Pre KOTOR: The training of Bastila and beginning of KOTOR through Vrook's eyes

I agree that Vrook is the most maligned of the masters you see in the first game. His arrogance and abrasive attitude makes him the good guy you love to hate. Yet here we see a softer side, one that doesn't want to waste Bastila on such a forlorn hope, that regrets her 'death' at Taris. Like my own Vrook who had been Revan's master previously, he honestly cares about his students.

Pick of the Week

Knights of the Old Republic
Chris Ganale

KOTOR above Taris: Another retelling of the beginning of KOTOR

CG did a good job of retelling the intro to the first game; better if you ask, than the original. The battle scenes are clearly cut, the action more distinct. The main character comes across as a hard-bitten soldier who as the old saying goes, 'been there, got that, bought the T-shirt and burned it' as a back story. Well worth the read.

Pick of the Week

The Prodigal Child

Revan's Acceptance: A preview, as it were

The piece covers the preview of the Mandalorian wars, and from there...

The piece covers part of the game uncovered; What might have driven Revan to become Darth Revan. The piece is perfect in that we see the machinations of the underlying story being laid.

Ilea Drake

TSL ending: As he dies, Atton reflects on the two women in his life

I agree it's a little choppy, but the work is well done, and only needs polishing. Remember that on your next one (Force Edit)

Wishes Granted
The Lone Gunchick

KOTOR on the computer: A trio of seventeen year olds playing KOTOR make wishes that are granted.

A cutsey bit of fluff, the thing is I wanted the story to continue.


Drugs, Guns, Gangs and Money

KOTOR on Taris: Before he begins his adventure with Revan, Canderous reminisces.

The piece is a perfect little vignette in a gang member's life. The scenes are well done, the two Exchange people well portrayed.

Pick of the Week

Apathy is Death

Pre Mandalorian Wars: The discussion before Revan starts her own recruiting.

The presentation was excellent and only someone unwilling to think would disagree. Since I had considered the Council blind to reality I would expected no less.

An Aura of Destiny

During the NJO: Even when you're dead, sometimes you get uninvited guests

The piece was amusing, Jolee, just as acerbic as he was in the game, but this time using that tactic on poor Anakin Solo (If you are not familiar with the New Jedi Order, Anakin was the third child of Leia and Han Solo. He died destroying a new bio-engineered weapon the Yuuzun Vong created) who had been trained by the team of partial Jedi created in the aftermath of the Empire.

Jolee's comment that even Luke Skywalker was a half trained Jedi reject was nascent and to the point, after all by the time Luke was declared a Jedi by Yoda, there were no Jedi left to teach him. When Anakin wants to contact his family to warn them of course Jolee is unwilling to help him. After all, what fun would it be if Jolee had just said 'try this'?

Pick of the Week

Sith Disguises 101

During Mandalorian Wars: They need a quick disguise, and you won't believe what they come up with...

I was able to hold the laughter until the end, but it came out when the story was done. The acrimony between Revan and Malak in their cell was choice. Both of them losing more temper as time went on also fit. Revan's complaint about the disguise was funny:

"I don't believe this," Revan said, for the eighteenth time. "I simply don't believe this."

"You're just jealous because I make a better woman than you."

"You're two metres tall! You're solid muscle, you've got the most masculine chest I've ever seen in my life --"

"I think the yellow suits me," Malak said, as he tugged at his skirts.

"It doesn't go with your wig. Which is crooked, by the way. How are you planning to hide your jaw?"

"Ah, well, they won't notice my stubble, because -- oh. I see what you mean."

"Stubble." Revan groaned and slid into a corner. "This is one of those... pheerie tales, isn't it."

"It always worked for the heroes in those."

"They didn't have prosthetic jaws! I can still see your tattoo, too. Can't you get a better wig?"

"I was lucky to find one at all. Do you think they'll notice if I've still got my boots on?"

"I take it back," Revan whimpered. "All of it. Never, ever suggest a plan that isn't 'hit everything in sight' again. Ever."

A riot start to finish.

Pick of the Week

Two Jedi
Light Speed Tangents

Pre Mandalorian Wars: Jolee has a chance to pay back when Arren Kae delivers Briana.

The story is wonderful. The interplay between Kae and her supporters, giving both Sunry and his wife, and Jolee in the best supporting role I have seen yet.

Pick of the Week


TSL on Citadel station: Two friends share a moment of joining, but it doesn't really help...

The piece is excellent as all of PS's work had been. The idea of 'friend sex' because both miss the one that is important is done then discarded as not good enough. I just wish it had gone further, to see the Exile confronting Bastila.

Pick of the Week

'To argue with those who have renounced the use and authority of reason is as futile as to administer medicine to the dead.' Now who said that?

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