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Kage gave a slow predatory gleam, reserved just for Kalla and Tonatius. He wanted them to see him and make themselves look foolish.

"The Undying Sith Empire has remained neutral far too long, and the New Empire's unprovoked assault on Avalon is unacceptable. Only through the Third Galactic Republic and the Undying Sith Empire working together can we put a stop to them once and for all."

Kage added in his most silvered tongue, "And the Undying Empire has been gracious enough to aid in Avalon's defense while repairs from thw attack have been made."


"Wayfarer, this is Bridge officer Koral aboard the Ackbar, you are cleared to land in the main hanger bay, we have a medical team waiting for Admiral Garja and any other injured solders you may have."

Tariq replied, "Copy that. Coming in for landing now." He maneuvered the ship towards the main hangar. He could see the medical team waiting and briefly had a laugh. Scatty looked at him from the co-pilot's chair and he noded towards the team. True they were there for Admiral Garja but they knew they would have their work cut out for them chasing the LT. They both started laughing.


"Well...I'm glad that your not going to be placed in a bacta tank but I'm going to guess that your going to need lots of bed rest."

Tavaryn turned his head so he could look up at Alriana. He held her hand to his cheek more for comfort and replied, "Bed rest? You trying to kill me?" He grinned to let her know he was teasing but that did not sound so bad at all. He sighed and just closed his eyes indicating how tired he was. It was Garja's voice that directed his tired eyes over to the biobed.

"So...I think it's obvious that I owe one of you my life."

Doc had managed to produce a cup with water and handed it over to the admiral. He replied, "Well sir, you would have to thank Lt. Onashi for that. Not only did he manage to clear your system of any toxins but he actually jumpstarted the process of your broken bones knitting together. Truth be told, I've never seen anything like it, not even a Force healing."


"I hope your right. When Admiral Garja first defected to the republic I thought that the only use for him would be all the information he had. But...he somehow managed to become one of my best friends and one of the few people I could talk to about the daily stresses of being the leader of the Republic fleet.

Jun-la smiled as the ship came in for a landing. "I understand. It is rare to find such a person. Besides I think Garja is one of the few that can whether your infamous temper without crying."


I would recommend that you work on the weapons control area first and than the shields, both took quite a bit of damage during the battle.

Andros replied, "Wouldn't it be shields first then weapons? Weapons would be useless if you have no shields, even in spacedock." His voice held a hint of mischief in it. It didn't matter, he could get both online and soup them up to meet the new standards of Avalonian ships.

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