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"I understand. It is rare to find such a person. Besides I think Garja is one of the few that can whether your infamous temper without crying."

Belina had to smile at that. "Believe me, when he first saw my infamous temper he wasn't expecting it. But after about a week he was able to withstand it."

"Wouldn't it be shields first then weapons? Weapons would be useless if you have no shields, even in spacedock."

Koral slapped his head and than sent another message as another report came in. "It looks like one of the internal sensors on that deck are malfunctioning. For some reason it's saying that there are around thirty hutts on that deck. You might want to take a look at that once your done."


"Bed rest? You trying to kill me?"

Alriana couldn't help but smile. "As a matter of fact I just might be. Rest assured, if you don't get bed rest by choice I swear I'll knock you out and carry you to your quarters." She smiled again to show that she was joking.

"Well sir, you would have to thank Lt. Onashi for that. Not only did he manage to clear your system of any toxins but he actually jumpstarted the process of your broken bones knitting together. Truth be told, I've never seen anything like it, not even a Force healing."

Garja took the offered water and quickly drank it and then looked over at Tavaryn. " looks like I owe you Lt. Onashi. If there is anything that you need at any time feel free to ask."

Imperial Space, Flagship Death's Head

Ravirn stood completley still as the commander of the Stormtrooper squad made sure that he wasn't carrying any hidden weapons that could be used to kill the Grand Admiral. Finding none, they let him move on to the bridge. He could see crewmembers working their stations and could see a single figure standing at the front of the bridge.

The Grand Admiral of the Imperial Fleet

He walked toward Admiral Velerc and stopped as the Admiral turned towards him.

"Do you have the information?"

Ravirn nodded and handed him the datapad that contained all the information on Admiral Belina and the Ackbar's command codes and other data on the Republic flagship.

"Thank you. And as promised you will be rewarded. The amount of credits that was agreed on will be deposited in your account. You may leave."

Ravirn didn't move. "Admiral...if I may make another request. I would like to be placed in command of a stormtrooper squadron."

The Admiral didn't even blink. "May I ask why?"

"I have been out of the military for quite awhile. Assign me a squad and I guarantee you wont be disappointed."

"Very well." The Admiral said as he turned back towards the window. "You will recieve your squad within the next week and you will be assigned quarters within the hour. Welcome to the Imperial Navy."

Ravirn grinned and left the bridge and thus didn't see the Admiral activate the datapad and began to read it.

My daughter...he thought with pride. How proud I am of you. he thought as he continued reading.
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