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Tariq docked the ship and made the necessary docking cheklists, "This is Sgt Tariq, the Wayfarer has just landed."

He then commed the rest of Alpha Team to head out and get checked out in the medbay. He then sent, "LT, we have docked."

Tavaryn heard the comm and replied, "Roger that."

"As a matter of fact I just might be. Rest assured, if you don't get bed rest by choice I swear I'll knock you out and carry you to your quarters."

Tavaryn grinned and whispered, "Is that a promise?" He then slowly stood up, a little wobbily. "Huh, guess I am out of practice." He placed a hand on the wall to steady his balance.

" looks like I owe you Lt. Onashi. If there is anything that you need at any time feel free to ask."

Tavaryn replied, "Just continue being our central command on missions sir." He then glanced at Doc before continuing, "Well I guess we better get off this bucket or Belina will send a search party."

Tavaryn then offered an elbow to Alriana, indicating that she was to take it. He led the way down the ramp and spotted the admiral and his brother's daughter. They were laughing about something. He then walked up to Belina and said, "Lt. Onashi reporting in ma'am."

Meanwhile Doc was helping Garja, "Can you sit up sir? My understanding is that there is a med team outside."


"Believe me, when he first saw my infamous temper he wasn't expecting it. But after about a week he was able to withstand it."

Jun-la laughed at that. So the rumors were not a stretch of the imagination. She turned and looked and saw her uncle walking down the ramp with Jedi Haltra. She then said, "Is my uncle another one of your men that can stand your temper or does he still run when you sic the CMO on him?"


It looks like one of the internal sensors on that deck are malfunctioning. For some reason it's saying that there are around thirty hutts on that deck. You might want to take a look at that once your done."

Andros laughed. "I haven't seen so much as a gundark on this ship. The Mandalorian team is working on it. What deck is your security systems on? I can work on those."

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