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Something's wrong with the introduction (possible goofs)

Hi there. It's great to find this forum. I hope there are still people interested in FT; it seems that this is the first post of 2011

Well, there have been some things that troubled me in the introduction, especially the things happened after Ben is knocked out. But I never bothered much because I have the tendency to overlook plot elements, so I believed that it was me who was lost; and I never saw anybody noting such things. But yesterday I was replaying FT after quite some years and now I am pretty sure that there are some gaps.

So, when Ben is knocked down, Rip tells Bolus to take his coat and leave. Everybody was supposed to believe it was Ben who left on his bike and all went on to follow him. Then the barman says that they had guns and told him to stall Ben as long as possible, but when did that happen?

The strangest thing of all is that Ben wears the same coat in the intro and during the game, so what coat did Bolus wear? And when the game begins, his bike is back.

My only explanation is that on their way to Corville, Nestor and Bolus returned to the Kickstand, sabotaged the bike, talked to the bartender, and threw the coat in the bin where Ben was still unconscious.

Still, didn't Corley notice Bolus' absence at first? And how the two came back to the Kickstand? In Rip's limo? If yes, Rip must have been with them, but then how come nobody noticed their absence? And how did they catch up with the band again?
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