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Rules are made to be broken

I really don't know if I ever read a more bias article in my life.

U.S. Veteran Faces Legal Action for Flying American Flag in Front Yard

First off, no he does not face legal action for flying an American Flag. He faces legal action from his Homeowners Association for not following the rules set forth by the HOA. Rules he knew about when he purchased the home. It has nothing to do with the flag being American, but has only to do with the flag pole being used.

So does being a "retired U.S. Army chaplain" give someone the right to violate the rules?

“If they can dictate to me that I cannot fly an American flag in America, then, to me, the country is lost,” Mr. Quigley told the paper.
The HOA rules state that a flag can only be displayed if affixed to the home, but that would mean Quigley would have to remove the flagpole and put up a smaller flag.

The association has offered to fly the flag at the entrance of the building development, but Quigley refused the offer.
I'm sorry just where does it say that Mr. Quigley cannot fly an American flag on his property? I guess Mr. Quigley could fight to change the rules about the flag pole, but then how would he feel if a neighbor put up a flag pole and flew a Mexican flag?

God Bless America where rules only apply to the other guy.

ABC News


The Columbus Dispatch What is that I see in the picture? American Flags displayed per the HOA rules flown proudly on other home in the neighborhood.

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