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"Is my uncle another one of your men that can stand your temper or does he still run when you sic the CMO on him?"

Belina laughed again. "Oddly enough, he can withstand my temper but he does run whenever our CMO tries to put him in the bacta tank. It's a constant battle with that one."

"I haven't seen so much as a gundark on this ship. The Mandalorian team is working on it. What deck is your security systems on? I can work on those."

Koral looked through another set of incoming reports. "The security system is on deck five. You'll need a passcode to get into the room the securty system mainframe is in. Transmitting the passcode to you now." He said as he transmitted the code to Andros's comnlink.


Alriana walked down the ramp as she continued holding Tavaryn's elbow and nodded at the Admiral as they walked down the ramp. The Admiral looked her over. "Jedi Alriana, I would appreciate it if I could speak with you later in private."

"Well I guess we better get off this bucket or Belina will send a search party."

Garja shook his head and chuckled. "Knowing the Admiral she would most likely send a security team to get us."

Can you sit up sir? My understanding is that there is a med team outside."

Garja slowly got to his feet and nodded. "Knowing the Admiral she's going to make me go to the medbay even if it turns out Tavaryn managed to repair all my bones."

"Lt. Onashi reporting in ma'am."

Belina looked Tavaryn over and smiled. "Welcome back Lt. Onashi. I know you haven't been aboard for long but as soon as you and your team are checked out I need you to report to the briefing room. I have a new mission for you."

Belina then looked behind him and saw that Garja was walking down she moved towars him. She pointed at him. "Good to see you Admiral Garja, you and I are going to have a discussion once you get back from the medbay."

Garja turned towards the direction the medbay and muttered something under his breath.
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