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"Oddly enough, he can withstand my temper but he does run whenever our CMO tries to put him in the bacta tank. It's a constant battle with that one."

Jun-la let out a laugh. She explained, "There are few things that he is afraid of: bacta tanks and being set up on a date. Anything else is a secret until it reveals itself. Though we did think he was afraid of girls in general for awhile."

She would have said more but at that moment, Tavaryn and Alriana ambled up to greet the admiral. She noted the state her uncle was in and shot him a look. He responded with one that clearly stated that he knew he was in for the long haul.

"Welcome back Lt. Onashi. I know you haven't been aboard for long but as soon as you and your team are checked out I need you to report to the briefing room. I have a new mission for you."

Tavaryn took in Belina's words to digest them in his mind. It occurred to him that he might have to go into battle and with a partially healed shoulder. He did not relish the thought but said nothing on that. Instead, more out of habit, he asked, "Is this punishment for hiding from the CMO again during routine check up?"


Andros waited for the passcode and committed it to memory before erasing the transmission from his comm. He then said, "Thanks. Once I'm through, you'll want to have the admiral reconsider changing everything on the ship, all security codes for all systems. Just a precaution."

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