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Pleasant dreams

Night before last:
An asylum inmate has finally been released with a bill of good health. After getting his life back together, he has joined the FBI as a detective. After receiving a task at investigating the murder of a woman, he finds that he must infiltrate a high-security asylum. With guards being posted at the entrance, he must find another way in. Dressed as a high-ranking nurse, he gains access to the place where they transport unconscious inmates inside. He lies down and safely is transported inside. While inside, the nurses begin to tie him up to his bed and the agent loses it, breaks free, and begin violently stabbing everyone to death multiple times in the throat.

Last night:
It is night time, and the entire area is filled with a thick, dark fog. The forested area is filled with deadwood and fallen leaves and branches. I see a small hill with a 1 foot tall black metal fence on top of it. On top of the fence are the outline of strange creatures I have never seen before. I climb up the hill only to find thousands of tombstones on the other side, all decrepit and wasting away...a gigantic cemetery for the dead. "Why is everything so dead?" I thought. "What happened here?" As I looked on, I then saw it...a large rectangular pool of water, and just beyond it, a broken down Washington monument.

Oh pleasant dreams...

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