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I had a dream that's recurred three times over the period of a few years where I'm my future self around the mid-40s and I've become a detective. It's roughly the 2029 and there's a string of missing persons cases that don't seem to be related, however during one of the investigations my long time partner in the department goes missing himself and is presumed dead since the last anyone saw of him was his right arm and a pool of blood.

After that incident I'm determined to find out what the hell is going on and while others in the department think I'm getting a little too obsessed over nothing, I know there's a connection and something bigger is going on. Of course, I'm not an idiot, I make it seem like I'm backing off on the missing persons cases and only investigate them between other investigations, but I'm still determined to find out what's going on.

Shortly after my partners disappearance I'm assigned a new recruit as my new partner. She's competent but has a lot of naive ideas about the world and thinks it can be made a better place despite the fact that the rich have been getting richer, the poor have been festering in larger and larger slums that used to be middle-class suburbs in our time.

A breakthrough occurs when my new partner and I are investigating what appears to be an unrelated case involving a politicians son who committed suicide.


Long story short, it turns out that there's this human trafficking racket going on which is worldwide, at first we thought it was some kind of sex trade, the kind you find nowadays where kids and women of third world nations and kidnap victims of powerful nations are sold off as slaves. Nope, the idea of this racket was for..."medical" purposes.

As I said before, the rich got richer and the poor got poor with the middle-class all but disappearing and technology taking the place of most of the roles in society that. There's a great divide between these two groups where no one who is considered "not rich/powerful" has rarely seen a person in the highest tiers of society.

The reason for this is because most of them are dying very horrible deaths after they banded together to try to make themselves a kind of fountain of youth. It backfired and their bodies are rotting away. To combat this, a human trafficking racket was set up so they could harvest the bodies of people no one cared about for organ transfers and such.

I learned all of this because eventually even I got captured and saw all of it with my own eyes. Women being put into baby farms just so stem cells could be harvested, Nazi-style experiments being performed on people to find a cure and test new medical treatments, people being brought in every day having every piece of their body chopped up so they could be collected and used to prolong the lives of these rich people... think what the Vidiians in Star Trek: Voyager did... 'cept I was seeing it all happen around me in every gory detail.

Eventually my new partner is able to piece together the information I left her before I got captured and she's able to rescue me and together we're able to uncover the entire racket to the world and expose what's going on in the world.

Of course... it never felt definitive whether revealing the truth to the world actually changed anything for the better because every time just before I wake up it seems like I've only just exposed how self destructive the world has become and that it's so far gone that there's no coming back.

It really could go either way... my depressing view of the future (as in the future for 2029, not our future from this moment) or my new partners more optimistic view.

Like I said, I've had this dream 3 times over the period of a few years around 2004 - 2009 and it does kind of feel like some kind of movie because every time I had this dream it had different camera angles and stuff. Oh, also every time I had this dream the overall plot and what goes on is exactly the same, except the lines people spoke were slightly different each time. |

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