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Deep Space

He could sense her. Even through the vast distances that seperated him from his prey he would always find her. She could run to any planet in the galaxy and he would still find her. He would hunt her until she finally met her end at the blade of his lightsaber. And than her child would be his, to train and mold into his image.

He smiled darkly as he thought of what training the child would be put through. It would have been even better if he could have taken the child from her and she would have been forced to see her child corrupted by the teachings of the sith.

He looked down at the controls of his fighter and entered the coordinates for the world that was known as Kashyyyk.


"Zaalbar my son...It is good to see you again. What may I ask brings you back to your home village?" The brown haired wookiee who had spoken looked over at Shiyra and then over at Zaalbar. "And if I may ask...what happened to your arm?" His tone was calm but both Zaalbar and Shiyra could sense the anger in his voice as he looked down at his shoulder where the arm had been severed.

"Father, I lost my arm in battle, saving the life of my friend Mission. You do remember the blue-skinned Twi'lek who traveled with me when Czeraka held control of our world?"

Freyyr nodded once. "I am glad to hear that your friend is safe. If I may ask what happened to the rest of your friends? And who is the woman who stands with you?"

Zaalbar stepped forward and hung his head down in shame. "I am sorry to say that the Mandalorian who traveled with us and who helped us drive the Czerka away is dead. He fell at the hands of an assassin." He looked back at Shiyra and continued speaking. "This assassin was once part of her crew. When she came back from her journey she found that nearly everyone of her crew was dead at the hands of the traitor."

Zaalbar raised his head and turned to look at Shiyra and Shiyra could see the fires of rage in his eyes as he turned to look at his father. "This woman lost her mate at the hands of the assassin and has nowhere else to go. Wherever she goes the assassin is usually only a few days or even hours behind her and her child."

Freyyr looked down at Shiyra as Zaalbar continued speaking. "I ask that you allow us to rest here and allow us to try and repair our ship. I promise you that we will leave as soon as possible."

Freyyr continued looking down at Shiyra who nervously looked back up at him. The older wookiee finally spoke. "My son...You gave your arm to save one of your friends and now you travel with a woman who is the target of a deadly assassin. I cannot say that I approve of the company you keep but your actions show me that you are an honorable son. Your request is granted. However, many of our people still do not trust outsiders so I think it would be best if you stayed in your ship. Rest assured, I will dispatch warriors to watch the skies for this assassin."

Zaalbar smiled and so did Shiyra. This was better then she could have hoped. "I'm going to return to the ship Zaalbar. If you want to catch with your dad I have no problem with it."

Zaalbar smiled again. "I would appreciate that. It has been years since I have been home."

Shiyra smiled and walked towards the gates of the village, she paused and looked behind her at the wookiee village before leaving.

Two hours later

All looks like I'm lost. Shiyra thought as she attempted to find her way back to the Ebon Hawk. Usually she didn't get lost but the planet was teeming with life and all of the trees looked the same. She did know however that she was still on the same level she had been on before. It was difficult for her to sense individual creatures with the amount of life on the planet.'s starting to get dark...and I'm starting to sense the others which means that the Hawk should be getting closer.

She stopped for a moment and listened. She thought that she could hear shouting off in the distance. She paused for a moment and then clearly heard someone shouting. And from what she could tell...the shouting was getting closer.

"Shiyra!" She looked off in the direction of the shout and saw a blue figure running towards her with a small wrapped up bundle in her arms. Shiyra could feel the raw terror that Mission was feeling.

"Mission!" She ran up to the Twi'lek who was panting. "What's wrong? Is he here? Did he manage to find us?"

Mission nodded her head rapidly. "The sensors picked up a small fighter entering the atmosphere. I thought it was just a smuggler at first but then...I heard the sound of a lightsaber igniting and then I could hear wookiee's screaming and shouting. And a minute was quiet. There wasn't any noise at all. Like the forest itself was trying to stay quiet."

Shiyra took Mission by the shoulder and tried to calm her down even though she was close to panicking herself. "Take Ariana and run to the wookiee village and let Zaalbar and his father know what happened to their warriors. Do you understand?"

Mission nodded and ran back the way Shiyra had came from. Shiyra ignited her lightsaber even as she sensed a dark presence drop from the tree behind her.

"Hello Shiyra." Came a dark and sinister voice. "I wouldn't have expected you to run like a coward to the wookiees. Look at you now, endangering others just because your afraid to fight me."

Before Shiyra could answer, Mical suddenly force jumped backwards as a violet lightsaber cut through the air where Mical had been standing a moment ago.

"Well Shiyra...either you laid a trap for me or it appears that I missed one." Mical said thoughtfully as he landed. He quickly brought his lightsaber around only to have it kicked out of his hands by a masked figure using the purple lightsaber. Mical attempted to unleash a stream of lightning from his hand only to have the masked figure force jump behind him at astonishing speed and unleashed a blast of force energy that Mical was completley unprepared for.

Mical was blasted directly through the railing and slammed directly into a massive tree limb. He slid down to the branch below and laid still. Shiyra couldn't believe.

It looked like Mical was dead.

The masked figure looked down at Mical's limp body and than turned to look at Shiyra.

"He is not dead. Not yet anyway. He has only been wounded."

Shiyra kept her lightsaber ignited even as the masked figure deactivate hers. She could tell that the masked figure was female due to the voice but that was it.

The masked woman looked at Shiyra and Shiyra couldn't help but think that the figure was smiling at her. "You have no need to keep your lightsaber ignited. I am a friend, and if I am correct we are both refugees."

Shiyra kept her lightsaber ignited but made no hostile moves. "I'll deactivate my lightsaber if you take off your mask and tell me who you are."

The figure stood still for a moment and then reached up to pull off her hood. "Very well, there is nothing wrong with your request."

The woman pulled her hood off hood to reveal a battle scarred cathar face that smiled gently at her.

"I am Juhani. And I feel that we have much to talk about."
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