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"There are few things that he is afraid of: bacta tanks and being set up on a date. Anything else is a secret until it reveals itself. Though we did think he was afraid of girls in general for awhile."

Belina had to stifle her laughter when she saw Tavaryn and Alriana walking down the ramp of the Wayfarer. She had to admit that Tavaryn did look a bit beat up.

"Is this punishment for hiding from the CMO again during routine check up?"

Belina tried to hide her smile but failed. "No. We managed to get information from an enemy spy that might turn the tide of our war with the Empire. I'll let you know more later after you all get checked out. But rest assured, you won't be sent on this mission until your fully healed."

"Thanks. Once I'm through, you'll want to have the admiral reconsider changing everything on the ship, all security codes for all systems. Just a precaution."

Koral nodded even though he knew Andros couldn't see him. "Understood. I'll make sure she is made aware of it. Thanks again for the help."
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