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"What?!" Kalla asked, shocked even further by the notion of the Sith protecting Avalon. They must have arrived after we left. Assuming it's true, of course, because it's kind of hard to back up a lie that big. She sent to Tonatius.

"And what does Avalon's Senator have to say about this?" She then asked, calming down considerably.

"Lord Sarden is Avalon's Senator now. Sadly, his predecessor was on Avalon, and was killed in the attack." Chief of State Lendralis explained.

"How convenient." Kalla muttered under her breath.

"As a show of good faith between the Sith Empire and the Republic, I offer this data file, containing everything you will need to know about the New Empire in order to defeat them with ease." Pestilus stated.

"Then why hasn't the Sith Empire used it yet?" Kalla asked, attempting to catch Pestilus off guard.

"The Undying Sith Empire lacks the numbers for such a direct assault to prove successful, even with this data. The Third Galactic Republic, however, does not." Pestilus explained. "Equipped with this, the Republic fleet will be able to eliminate the New Empire with little to no losses." This statement seemed to elicit massive cheerful.

"This data will need to be verified, but as soon as it is, all available Star Destroyers will be diverted to Balmorra, and the Threefold War will finally be over." Lendralis stated, too excited at the prospect of defeating the New Empire to doubt the Dark Lord's sincerity.

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