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Originally Posted by mimartin View Post
My problem with HOA have to do with my own stupidity.
An affliction which affects all of us from time to time it seems...

I believed the president of a HOA would actually honor a handshake agreement like I would. He didn’t. My advice is read the agreement, ask questions and always ask for any variance in writing. Also if you come to an agreement make them honor their side of the agreement before you spend money honoring your side of it.
Writing...writing...writing...this is the key (I wish the engineers at my workplace would understand this...the piles of paper on my desk would be much smaller)...but still the person giving you this has to have authority to do so, otherwise it's useless. One of my neighbors asked me for permission to put a "lattice" ( not sure if this is the proper word) on top of the common fence in the backyard (the HOA won't move for backyard modifications unless the concerned neighbors complain or if it infringes municipal by-laws): I gave him my permission subject to certain conditions but I also asked him to sign a document saying that if I ever sold my house, he may be requested to remove it.
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