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"Someone needs to make sure he makes it to the medbay."

Alriana felt the tap on her elbow and than heard what Jun-la said. She fell into step behind Tavaryn without making a sound.

"I heard that,"

Rest assured, I'm going to make sure you make it to medbay. Once we're alone I need to ask you something. It's important that I ask you as soon as possible. She sent through their link.


Garja sighed heavily as one of the nurses in medbay stuck another needle in his arm, they were testing to see if all the poison had been eradicated and so far it looked good. His bones were healing nicely and with some of the medication he had been given, most of the pain he was feeling had been numbed.

"I'm going to the bridge as soon as your done." He said to the CMO who smiled a dark smile that sent chills down his spine. "No Admiral. You will return to the bridge when I give the all-clear."

Garja muttered under his breath and continued to sit as the nurses prepared more needles and more medication.
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