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They must have arrived after we left. Assuming it's true, of course, because kind of hard to back up a lie that big.

Indeed. Tonatius stared at Pestilus with daggers in his eyes as well as the other whose presence was all too familiar. He then said, "Best not to be too optimistic Lendralis. History has shown that when something is within reach, the ground falls out from beneath your feet."

Kage clicked his tongue and said, "Well said youngling. And you Kaltas, do you think the same?"


Rest assured, I'm going to make sure you make it to medbay. Once we're alone I need to ask you something. It's important that I ask you as soon as possible.

Sounds serious. Perhaps we should skip the medbay. Tavaryn glanced at Alriana and then added, No worries moi chroi. I doubt I would last five paces before you tackled me and dragged me down there.

Tavaryn led the way to the turbolift and gave the deck he wanted. Then like a shy schoolboy, he slipped his hand into Alriana's and held it, intertwining the fingers. He did not let go until they arrived at the medbay. His team had already left but Garja was still there. He walked up to the admiral and overhead the last bit of the conversation. He leaned down and whispered to the admiral, "Belina has the CMO under her thumb. He's following orders so I have to suffer too."

Tavaryn then spoke to the CMO, "Lt. Onashi reporting in, sir." His hand tighened slightly around Alriana's, a reflection of his apprehension of what the CMO might do to him.


Jun-la watched as the pair disappeared into the turbolift. She then looked at the admiral, "Well Admiral, shall we check up on the bridge and see what surprises my pupil left us?"


Once at the security console, Andros was able to better scan the files that had been downloaded. As suspected, the security codes had been downloaded. He began a systematic repair of the burnt out connectors and rerouting systems to make them more hacker resistant. He then commed Koral, "Koral, I was right, security codes have been downloaded along with the admiral's profile. I already started working on individual systems to make them hacker resistant."

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