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Originally Posted by Ctrl Alt Del View Post
OMG, why's this thread so funny?!

Actually, The Outlander would be a more fitting place to put this. It's overridden with WIPs, although most are not from indie developers, which would be a welcome addition.
Well then I will add a copy of this thread to outlander's also.

Good luck - you've got plenty of work ahead of you. My only advice would be not to bite off more than you can chew - at least not all at once. Better to get something out the door in the short term than to trudge on for years with no release, eventually running out of steam. After all, the modular/episodic approach is all the rage these days. It helps build an audience and keep them interested while the game production progresses. And if you are planning on a commercial venture, it will give you some sort of revenue stream as development continues.
I see what you mean. I understand the whole revenue stream thing for as we continue to the next game and such, thankfully I thought ahead and saved up a good deal of money to help supply this project. Hopefully we don't run out of steam before we finish.

Yeah, and cactuses is also an accepted plural of cacti! >:/
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