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I agree with you on this one, Loozer. They made it that way that makes you don't care about things like that. You can see this in many movies and games. An example is the recent Surrogates movie , starring Bruce Willis. It makes you don't care about details , like what kind of mobile phones do they use in that time , and stuff.

Anyway , Full Throttle is a masterpiece. And i hate how it ended up abandoned by its creators. It doesn't even show up on Lucasarts' website. These guys should be proud of it and let people know about old masterpieces like this. Almost nobody knows about games like Full Throttle and Grim Fandango these days , even if it's quite a difference in popularity. I really wish they bring some life in these games , just like Telltale did with Monkey Island (even though it's nothing compared to the originals)

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