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Originally Posted by Alexrd View Post
I see you don't have shadows. I can't have them either, nor laser/blaster marks. Hope to find a way to activate them...
Yeah - I've tried everything to sort them but it seems impossible on Windows 7. To be fair I have a 'retro' system I occasionally used to run legacy games so running them on 7 wasn't originally a huge issue, however the hassle of constant cable swapping for the sake of a few games was getting to me.

I'm going to try a glide wrapper, so hopefully that might help out with texture issues and the like. I've also got a voodoo 2 in the retro system so I could stick that in the 7 system and see how that goes. I'll post pictures if I have any success.

It would be great if a program like VMWare supported 3D acceleration for operating systems pre-XP. It would solve a huge amount of problems!

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