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No worries moi chroi. I doubt I would last five paces before you tackled me and dragged me down there.

Alriana turned to him and smiled slyly. I'm glad that you realize that, she sent through their link as they entered the medbay.

"Lt. Onashi reporting in, sir."

Alriana could feel his hand tighten around hers. Don't's going to be fine. she sent.

The CMO turned from Garja to look at Tavaryn and then at Alriana. "Feel free to lay on one of the examination beds. I'll be with you shortly." The medical officer said as she turned back towards the Admiral.

"Admiral Garja, despite the fact that your bones are healing much more quickly than expected I would still like it if you would take off for a week. Get plenty of bed rest and if you feel any more pain report back to the medbay."

"As you wish." The Admiral grumbled as got up and headed for his quarters.

"Well Admiral, shall we check up on the bridge and see what surprises my pupil left us?"

"Yes, I think we should." Belina said as she entered the turbolift. "I have a feeling that there's nothing left on the bridge that needs to be fixed. I really hope that he managed to repair or upgrade the shields though."

"Koral, I was right, security codes have been downloaded along with the admiral's profile. I already started working on individual systems to make them hacker resistant."

Koral slapped his head. That wasn't good news. "I'll be sure to let the Admiral know as soon as she arrives on the bridge."
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