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Don't's going to be fine.

It won't be fine if she asks me to strip, Tavaryn sent back as he reluctantly sat on one of the examination beds but refused to lay down. He crossed his arms and actually ended up looking like a petulant child though it was hard to tell with all the paint and dirt on his face. To him this was torture and it wasn't because he was afraid of needles.

Once Garja had departed he said, "So we meet again doc for another epic battle." There was a dry sort of humor to his tone. "What are you going to do to me this time? Assault by nurses? Flying hypodermics?"


"I have a feeling that there's nothing left on the bridge that needs to be fixed. I really hope that he managed to repair or upgrade the shields though."

"Wouldn't surprise me if he managed to put in a whole new computer," Jun-la replied, "Though I thin he wold just upgrade and give a power boost."

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