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Originally Posted by Kurgan View Post
I'd like to see Jedi Knight/Mysteries of the Sith remade.

On the following condition:

Gameplay remains unchanged. I mean the speeds, buttons, etc. be the same as the original Win95 versions.

- Otherwise everything else can be modernized (well, I say leave the cutscenes alone, unless LEC has some higher res versions of those FMV cutscenes lying around they want to re-encode and use, we can dream right?).

- Improved graphics. Probably shouldn't use the Q3 engine though, since the lighting model for JK/MotS was so good and never fully duplicated in JK2/JA.

- "FPS Enhancements" you know, the usual, like chasecams, customizable AI Bots, pure server option, demo recording, kick by numbers, rcon style administration, dedicated servers, enhanced netcode, higher number of players (16 was the max, and 32 was next to impossible, previously), etc.

- Control improvements. I said leave the controls the same, but they could improve support for multi-button mice, like being able to use my five button intellimouse optical with mouse wheel and map any button to any function. ; )

A nice console would be good too. And text/HUD that can be scaled appropriately according to user-taste and to the resolution used (JK/MotS both had a flaw that in higher res.. ie: anything over 800x600 the text and HUD got REALLY SMALL and hard to read). Plus the font used was too limited (too many symbols and letters looked alike). This should have been fixed.

Other key features: the 3-D overlay map has to stay!

If other enhancements are desired, drivable Speeder Bikes, and enemies that ride Kell Dragons and Speeder Bikes could be added in key places, as well as the ability to "kick" with secondary fire fists.

As far as MotS is concerned, the same stuff could apply (except kicking I guess), with bug fixes. An enhancement to add to this would be CTF, tailored specially for use with the "Personalities" classes or without.

But aside from all that, these would just be the same games with a facelift and better online support. Sort of like those Source Ports that have been released for games like Doom/2 & Duke Nukem 3-D.

Other than that, I'd love to see a revamped "Outlaws" game. Keep it the same, except make it full 3-D with modern graphics and add two important features to both Single and Multiplayer:

Dual Pistols

Ridable Horses (perhaps limiting some of the weapons you can use while in the saddle)
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