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It won't be fine if she asks me to strip

Alriana had to hold back her laughter. Don't worry, I'm quite sure she won't ask you to strip. After all, the Ackbar has some of the most advanced medical equipment in the fleet.

"So we meet again doc for another epic battle."

The Doctor narrowed her eyes at Tavaryn then smiled darkly. "When I first saw you walk in I knew for a fact that you were going to make this difficult."

"What are you going to do to me this time? Assault by nurses? Flying hypodermics?"

"None of the above actually." The doctor said as looked Tavaryn over again. "I simply want you to lay back on the examination table and let me look you over. After that we'll see what needs to be done. Your friend can stay with you if it'll make a bit less nervous."

"Wouldn't surprise me if he managed to put in a whole new computer though I thin he wold just upgrade and give a power boost."

Belina nodded. "The first time I saw what he was capable of I wished for just one day I could have three of him working on the Ackbar. At the rate he's going the Ackbar could be repaired within a few days."
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