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Don't worry, I'm quite sure she won't ask you to strip. After all, the Ackbar has some of the most advanced medical equipment in the fleet.

Tavaryn almost rolled his eyes as he sent back, I have an aversion to bacta tanks and there's a story behind that. My problem is the fact that Doc is...female and she likes to prod. It was hesitant and not a full complete answer but it was sufficient to him for now.

"I simply want you to lay back on the examination table and let me look you over. After that we'll see what needs to be done. Your friend can stay with you if it'll make a bit less nervous."

Tavaryn looked as if he were going to protest but he was never one to fall back on his word and in his mind, the sooner that it was over with, the sooner he and Alriana could have their chat. He replied, "You know I like making things difficult Doc," and in a single fluid moment, he was on his back looking up at the ceiling.

He sent, Don't leave moi chroi. She's a viper when it comes to examinations. Out loud he said, "For once I'll be good for you Doc."


"The first time I saw what he was capable of I wished for just one day I could have three of him working on the Ackbar. At the rate he's going the Ackbar could be repaired within a few days."

Jun-la couldn't help but have pride in her voice, "Well he has had practice in repairing the Ebon Hawk and I encourage him to keep up in his skills. Just as long as he doesn't neglect his training. Since we'll be staying for awhile, he can help out."

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